School Opinions!

I actually enjoy going to school, I will be honest. I might act like I hate it but I love it. There are many reasons why and it depends on the subjects and teachers, but overall it IS enjoyable.

  • First is the stationary shopping, I freaking love this! I love looking at cutesy folders and notebooks and cool pens. Having fresh equipment for a new year of school is amazing. I get really excited when I use them for the first time too!
  • Second is meeting new people. I’m usually someone who waits for people to come up to me because I live in fear of the thought of being annoying. But once you meet new people and you slowly become friends, School is worth going to, especially if you have a bad home life like me.
  • Third, is the fun subjects. I’m doing a 2 year BTEC Forensics couse starting in September at a new college. I am REALLY excited to start this course because it’s mainly coursework/essay writing. I LOVE THIS. I am super good at essay writing, During GCSE’s my essays have all been A*/A grade and I managed to get an A* in Science coursework all the while tutoring and helping my lab partner to get 2 B’s after being a D grade student for years.
  • Fourth is an escape from home. Enough said.
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